Ramon a diving accident at the age

Ramon Sampedro, a Spaniard man who committed assisted suicide. Sampedro was left   quadriplegic after a diving accident at the age of twenty-five in the Spanish region of Galicia. He was paralyzed from the neck down being unable to be independent. The Sea Inside tells his story and his decision to end his life. Being unable to commit suicide without someone’s aid, Ramon took his situation to the Spanish courts. Ramon lived with his brother and his family, his sister in law being his main help provider. The film also shows Ramon’s relationship with two women, Julia and Rosa. Julia is a lawyer who is diagnosed with a disease, having some connection with Ramon, Julia supports his decision. While on the other hand Rosa a mother of two, is willing to help Ramon and does not agree with his decision. Ramon took his situation to the Spanish court making his story well known in Spain.        One thing that I admired from Ramon was his security and confidence. He was sure of what he wanted and he never looked back. He never doubted it, it was his objective. Sampedro never let anyone judge his decision. One of my favorite parts of the movie was when Rosa tried to convince him that life was “worth living” and he said, “You’re not going to judge me, not in my own house”. He understood that not everyone was on his side, he just wanted everyone to respect his will. Ramon explained to the courts that, “Suicide was a right being denied to him”. The film gives a huge turn, when his petition is denied and Ramon has absolutely nothing left, Rosa comes in the picture. Ramon accomplishes his goal, posting video where he asks the audience (mainly intended to the ones who were against his decision) what dignity means to them. He explains how for him dignity is not what is living so he is deciding to take his life like a “criminal” finishing the film. Ramon planned everything so well enough so that no one would be at charge. Years later they explained how Rosa being by his side was one of the people who helped me. Now this to me is astonished, loving someone so much that you will give them what they want even if that means losing them forever.       Assisted suicide has been in battle many years, Ramon Sampedro made it known. It basically states that every competent adult has the right to end their life, they have the right to choose the time and day to end it all. Assisted suicide is not legal in every State. There are some in which you must have a terminal illness to have the option. There are many situations where people can’t handle the pain, having no treatment or medication and decide to make Euthanasia2 an option. In some States whether it is legal or illegal the person who assisted the suicide can even face charges. Some believe that if they allow assisted suicide to become legal it will be an idea of action which will lead to something unacceptable. Others believe that death can become a relief for some people. This is still a topic that brings chaos.