Receiving for a woman to study comes with

Receiving quality education is everyone’s dream that can never be let go when given the chance. To a woman especially from Bangladeshi, it’s a medal of honor to be among the few to study abroad. Since independence it has been the pride of the women ruling the country through its time from the colonialists. Furthermore, continuity to rule of women through provision of quality education especially to married women is a build up to their culture and most important a major climax to the country and individual families. However, every good thing in life is bound to have its advantages and disadvantages. For examples, for a woman of Bangladesh origin studying abroad means respect among the society to which many are deprived. This would help instill in her the courage and strength to face the uncertainties that come with being a girl child in horrific society. Moreover, the support given by the husband to a married woman raising her dream to be the shining star in her society or country. However, going abroad for a woman to study comes with its negativity. This article is meant to analyze the obstacles and how it affects the education, social physiological and personal life of a woman studying abroad and the support she can get to overcome these obstacles.

Studying abroad is exposure to an unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar social life especially the change in religion, food, language and culture. This is a major factor leading to minimal interaction with the new environment including the people. Furthermore, being unfamiliar, there is inner self-fear of missing out of doing something. It results in spending the most time on the internet and social media: mostly Facebook, this is a catalyst factor leading the mind to drift into a dilemma situation of “what if this” and ” what if that.”  There is a greater difference between Bangladesh and another country in many factors living standards, mode of clothing, religion, change in language and the currency used. This may deem difficult for fast adoption into the new place to a married woman leading to running low on cash. In order to prevent this embarrassing situation, it is advisable for the woman to set aside money for an emergency, these can either be in the bank or her saving back at home which may either be in control by her or her husband. Moreover, be extremely cautious on the purchases made, giving a higher priority to the necessities than what she desires. In case of fail of emergency, or depletion of her personal savings, the husband can step into the situation to help manage the finances of his wife, through monthly allocation of his salary to her to her help boost her.

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In a foreign country, exposure to unfamiliar place even with the help of adventures map but not all place on the maps get to be figured out on the map leads to the woman getting lost. This is a social distress and leads to panic. The situation may worsen due to the ability to get restored back to its normal environment in Bangladesh. To counter this, the woman should be prepared with adventure maps showing all locations around the city. Furthermore, putting up helpful phrases in the local language pertaining the situation caught. This includes “help me I am lost”. She can also dial emergency contacts including the local authorities to her in her rescue. The husband can help by getting his mentally prepared about the various places she would visit that is unknown to her, this would reduce her distress incase the situation arises.

Homesickness is triggered mostly when studying abroad due to the feeling of missing a loved one including her husband and even her children, missing of daily routines. The exposure to new environment including religion, lifestyle and food can be a lot of pressure faced by a married woman and if not well controlled she leads to the feeling of her being an outsider and spending most of her time on social media like   Facebook trying to reunite with family and friends in order to relieve this emotional burden in a foreign country. The engagement of her in new interesting activities like going joining a club or social community may help cut down this emotional pressure.  Furthermore, calling up friends and families back at home to seek up advice is a boost to her self-esteem. The engagement with the local from her native country during her free time or even practicing yoga and doing self-awareness activities may help keep her mind in the right state. The husband can make personal time to chat or even call his wife to get her emotionally attached.

Furthermore, new education system means workload and time-lapse to her personal life. It may seem difficult to cope up with the strict rules and requirement that foreign universities come upon foreign students. This changes her time activities as a married woman including doing her household chores and eating and sleeping at the right time. Furthermore, the difference in time zone may bid a challenging factor, this hinders communication between the woman and her family. Romance in the university leads to the woman abandoning her family. Both factors are a major accelerator to cutting off communication system between the woman and her family leading to divorce. Constant interaction with her family would enable both the woman and her husband to have trust on one another. This reduces chances of cheating by either spouse and more so, being updated with a situation of one another enables each spouse to stay in conduct with their marriage vows.

The change in the cultural system of the woman in Bangladesh in comparison with the foreign countries is a shock in terms of the religion, clothing, and mode of interaction with the outside environment. Compared to Bangladesh women have a special conduct of clothing, rare interaction with the opposite gender unless having a bloodline relationship and the center of worship separated from those of the other gender. To a foreign country, these forms of cultural behavior are given minimal priority and a bigger contrast to their native country when women are given the same consideration as males. This is difficult to adapt during the first few months on arrival by a woman to a foreign state. Naturality is a factor, the husband can encourage his woman to be the same person she know back home by sending her archive pictures and videos of herself back at home in Bangladesh.

The language barrier in foreign countries like Japan and Germany who rarely speak English in their daily life a major challenge. This result in the woman having entirely to learn a language spoken in order to improve her general understanding of the people. More so, if she has already a clue of the language spoken it is difficult for her to understand the strong local accent when spoken to. Attending of part time classes to learn the local language help in speech improvement with people in the foreign country. More so, constant interaction with local residents help her add extra vocabulary to what she had already installed from the local language.

In summary, this article is focused to review the social obstacle faced by married women who follow their dream for a better education system abroad but are in turn placed up with issues which are not controlled at an earlier stage leads to a negative change in their life. This change is a result of depression caused by the new environment, language barrier, change in lifestyle including mode of dressing and religion leading to cultural shock and more so, communication barrier in order to adapt to the new environment can lead to divorce between married couples. In my point of view, education is the key to a better life and facilitating a married woman with quality education paves way for mentorship and growth of the girl child within the society. It is better to take the risk of improving a loved one’s life in education than living an eternity with regrets

To a woman, always keep in mind the vow taken during your wedding ceremony. Let them be your guidelines in the new environ that you have been exposed. Take every way that you stumble upon as a stepping stone to a greater future though it may be hard. For the husband, be a warm shoulder for your wife who is abroad through the difficulties she faces. Show care and love through surprises including visiting her in the foreign country. Make time for her and allowing her to unite with the family through social media. This way she has the sense to push through the new environment know that you have her back in every way.



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