Referring viewed as the absence of peace

Referring to the word “poverty” there are many definitions of poverty according to how it is viewed. poverty is the condition of having insufficient resources or income. In its most extreme form, poverty is a lack of basic human needs to sustain as useful and working efficiency such as adequate and nutritious food, clothing, housing, clean water and health services as defined by Encyclopedia Encarta. According to the United Nations Human Development Report, (1998), poverty is defined as a complex phenomenon that generally refers to inadequacy of resources and deprivation of choices that would enable people to enjoy decent living conditions. While Professor Muhammad Yunus (1994) defines it as the denial ofhuman rights relating to the fulfilment of basic human needs. From my own perspective, poverty can be viewed as the absence of peace in an individual. This could be as a result of hunger, lack of medical care, marginalization, denial of human rights relating to the fulfilment of basic human needs, freedom, etc.  It is generally known that poverty can be “absolute” or”relative”. In this regard, the definition of poverty needs a case study to have a clear picture.?The Impact of Poverty are quite numerous and the knowledge of them and how they could be averted before they cause much harm on the society, Nation, Next Generation and on the entire globe cannot be overemphasized. This impact of poverty on the society, nation, next generation and the globe as a whole is devastating; due to the inability of the people to harness the resources that will improve their living conditions, it has helped to dismantle their hopes of life and reduce drastically their standards of basic living.Therefore, the economic activities of these people continuously face diminishing returns.More so, this impact is seriously felt in the agriculturalsector as well as other sectors of the economy of the Nation, thereby reducing the Nation’s GDP to its lowest ebb. Since farmers lack the appropriate technology, updated skills, modern technology, capacity building, innovative techniques, tools, lack capital to invest in this sector (to improve the soils and multiply the yields), because of this poor state, the sector has seriously been affected and this may lead to food scarcity within and around the globe. Considering the indiscriminate population explosion in our society and the globe at large, in relation to the shrinking food production and the economy, there is a serious threat to food production and food scarcity. The policies to guarantee food scarcity and eliminate hunger in the society have remained all theories on the lips of those who preach it to make political gains.  Except these theories are transformed into concrete action and realities, one will wonder how this issue of food scarcity that has remained a sing-song for the past decades will be guaranteed and hunger that takes away souls every hour in our society and Nation will be eradicated.  Because of the poverty situation in our society, the society has been plunged into a feat of successive political problems that has resulted to wars, coup d’états, dictatorship, military rule and many leaders clinging so long on to power. This is because they believe that nectar is found only on the crown or around the crown”. The glaring examples have been experienced in Liberia, Angola, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, The Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Nigeria, Chad, etc.  Most of the manpower is trained to use arms, the little finances used to purchase arms and most of the time spent in fighting. Consequently, leaving the feeble economy of the Nation in the hands of the women and the old.  Due to this menace called POVERTY, poverty-related problems like malnutrition, diseases, HIV/AIDS, juvenile delinquency, disillusionment, unemployment, social insecurity, fraud, acute corruption, embezzlement, trauma have been the order of the day in our society and the globe at large. Eventually, this will have a mammoth ripple effect on the next generation.It has resulted to the availability of very few and poor medical facilities, personnel and infrastructure. Many of our societies have very poor communication andtransportation network such as telephone, internet, fax, radio signals, television images etc. There are very few accessible road networks. Acute poverty in our society has invariably resulted in high rate of illiteracy. This is because, there are no educational infrastructure, few and inexperienced personnel. This has affected mostly the elementary and post-secondary levels.  ?In line with the facts, poverty is never a friend to anyone. Hence, the need to get it reduced or better eradicated is most welcomed. So, from the above discussed on the negative impact of poverty, it is imperative to embrace the following strategies as possible steps to reduce or eradicate poverty: Establishing of infrastructural development by constructing good roads to make transportation easy as to facilitate the poor people to access market for goods,for both sells and buys. This category of strategy is best handle by government of a nation. Creating employment opportunity by erecting industries either by individuals or government or special organizations to enhance in placement of available manpower in the labor market to be productive, which reduce poverty by giving a relief to those fit to work. Through seminar organization, the potential individuals infected with poverty could get exposed on the right part to channel their energy to be more useful to themselves and the society in general.  Another effective means is through quality control. This encourages the supply of quality commodities to market at a subsidized rate to be affordable by lower people in the society. Ensuring quality control helps to reduced the high rate of ill-health in the society and improve standard of living.  By encouraging peace and unity of a nation as this attracts investor to make economy more viable to boast standard of living. This create so many opportunitysuch as sport activities, incentives for skilled ones, grants, education, and resource utilization. Using a supportive financial facility; this has to do with establishment of financial institutions to help grant loans to lower people in the society to enable them to start a business through lending or borrowing and as well help in guidance and management of their fund as a means of saves.   In conclusion, these impacts of poverty on the society, nation, next generation and the globe at large, is doing us more harm than good. And hopefully through this piece of write up could help effect our reader to boldly share and disseminate the useful information to rapidly support the eradication poverty.