Reflection because if we didn’t take time to



     Humanities can be described as the study
of how people document and process the human experience.   While studying this unit one of the topics
discussed in this unit is how humanities help us realize and differ
interpretations of life and history.

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     This is important in life to me because
when things from the past are brought up and discovered they give us an idea of
life before we were born.  Without
humanities, we would not know how to process and understand information that
can help us improve our everyday life. For example, in a previous video, I
watched in this unit it discussed a painting from two different decades in the
first painting though it was beautiful it was missing key implements hat the
other painting had for example in the first painting it looked 2D the
background was plain gold and the baby was not proportional.   But in the second painting there was much
detail you could tell the season, time of day, you could see the wrinkles in
her dress, and the baby she held looked quite realistic.  Now because if we didn’t take time to look at
history, study it and learn from it we would probably still be using bind books
to write on in class.   That is why we
study humanities and that is why it is important in our everyday life. 

topic also relates to our current educational system.   Research into the human experience helps us
gain knowledge in our world.   We have
made many improvements in math, science, literature, geography, and
history.  Through the many humanitarians
that study the humanities, we learn about the values of different
cultures, about what goes into making a work of art, and about how history is
made. They help us preserve and build on past knowledge, help us understand the
world we live in and provides us with tools to imagine a future. Without
humanities helping us interpret and understand our history, science, and math
for every step we would take we would go seven steps back.  And if we were to be taking more steps back
instead of forwarding a man would not have been able to visit the moon.  Today, humanistic knowledge continues to
provide the ideal foundation for exploring and understanding the human
experience. Investigating philosophy might make your start thinking about
ethical questions.  admiring a sculpture
might make you think about how an artist’s life affected their creative reasoning.
Reading a book from another region of the world might help you think about the
understanding of democracy. and Listening to a history course might help you
better understand the past, while at the same time offer you a clearer picture
of the future.  While studying the
humanities you get a knowing for each of these topics, for this reason, is why
the importance of the humanities helping us interpret the past and imagine our
future is important to our education now and in the future. 

Le Guin “the ones who walked away from Omelas” the story focused on the towns
interpretations of what is happiness and why they see it as so. Now to me while
reading this story I saw it as something relating to our society.  An example would be the products we buy such
as shoes. clothes, phones, and about anything else us consumers buy.  The factories a lot of our clothes come from
are in very bad working conditions and some may be at the cost of little
children.  Because the newest styles and
shoes make us “happy” we ignore the fact of where they are made and at the cost
of whose lives.  To me, the ones that
walk away in this situation are the people who do not let materialistic things
rule their lives.  A humanitarian reading
this story could see it as the same meaning but unlike anything I could do they
could bring it to the media and this can be a small movement towards better
working conditions and pay for the people at work.  Therefore, the interpreting of humanities is
my idea of one of the best reason why we study the humanities to bring us the
realization of our ethics furthering us into being more peaceful human beings.

 Once when I was younger I hated history and
asked myself “why on earth do I need to study history” I believe it just was
important.  Then I was told if history is not taught it
is bound to repeat itself.  Now when
humanitarians have a task to complete it is most likely never one thing they
study human experience can range from anything to go even as far as how the
first last name was created.   Today my
viewpoint on history is very different because without the study of history I,
in fact, do believe it will repeat itself.

conclude my reflection, I believe a very important part of studying humanities
is Their interpretations on the human environment, their reputations lead to
many advances in art, ethics, education, science, math, and literature.  They give us a description of the past and
insight into the future.


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