I marriage. She hailed from a wealthy family.

I am in receipt of your letter, dated ____________. In which, you have expressed some intimate feelings about me. I indeed appreciate your feelings towards me. I also like your personality and style. You are a handsome man in search of an identity in life. And I pray to Lord Jesus that you may succeed in achieving your coveted goals in life! However, I never thought about going steady with you at any point of time. I like you but I am not in love with you. Love is quite different from admiration. I know that you have a bright future but our priorities and mentalities are quite different. I am writing these lines but I do not want to depress you. I want to be blunt in the very first instance because I do not want to keep you in the dark. And above all, I would like to be your friend even if I am not able to reciprocate your love. You should know that friendship, like love, is also a great positive motivating force for human beings.

The reason for not reciprocating your love and feelings is different. I had fallen in love and was betrayed by my lover three years ago. The boy in question was too rude and callous and his behaviour broke my heart. Perhaps, he was materialistic and chose another girl for marriage. She hailed from a wealthy family. He did not care about my feelings. That was the end of my romantic years, though I would never be able to forget or forgive him. A few months ago, when I fell sick, I was forced to visit a psychiatrist. I had started despising men. The psychiatrist treated me and had mental concentration sessions with me. He told me that all men are not bad and that I ought to look at the lighter side of life. So, I narrowly escaped a nervous breakdown due to my love affair.

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I hope you would be able to empathise with me.

Yours sincere friend,
(Your Name)
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I'm Johnny!

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