Re.: withdrawal date less three percent due

Re.: Your Fixed Deposit Receipt No. ____________ dated ____________ For ____________ (Amount)

We are in receipt of your letter dated ____________, in which you have expressed the desire to withdraw the amount of your Fixed Deposit mentioned above prematurely as you are in urgent need of money. Normally we do not allow premature withdrawals unless of course the depositor is in dire need of funds for reasons beyond his control. In your letter, you have given a number of reasons which we trust have forced you to make this request to us.

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We, therefore, write this to inform you that we are prepared to make an exception in your case and permit you to withdraw you funds. Please call on us on any working day along with your Fixed Deposit receipt duly stamped and discharged in our favour.

You will be allowed interest on the deposit for period up to the premature withdrawal date less three percent due to premature withdrawal. We trust you will be prepared for this sufferance.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)
Branch Manager
Dated ___________


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