Reply Letter from Boy Accepting Invitation from His Fiancee’s Father

I am sure it was so very kind of you to write to me and invite me to your house on Saturday next. I have told my parents about the invitation and they have agreed to come with me to ____________ (Place). I hardly need to tell you how delighted I and my parents will be to meet you!

I hope you would not be disappointed when you see me and discuss the matter with my parents. From cultural point of view we belong to the old generation tradition of respect for the elders, honesty in dealings and integrity of professions. There you will find nothing special about us except that I really love ____________ (Name) and pray that I may be able to rise to the occasion to make her a good wife.

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I cannot express myself properly and translate my regards into words until I have met you. However your kind invitation is certainly something to make me feel proud of.

My parents join me in sending our regards both to you and ____________ (Parents Name).

Yours Sincerely,
(Your Name)


I'm Johnny!

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