Reply Letter from Husband to Wife who is ill treated by her Mother in law

The chief reason for your displeasure with mother was that she often scolds you for faults for which she forgives her daughters readily. In other words she discriminates against you by not keeping you on a par with her daughters.

Now this is a problem which has deep roots in the cultural ethos of our society and, I am afraid, to tackle it the daughters-in-law have to take the initiative. This is what the educated people call ‘adjustment’.

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You would agree that to err is human and if by your actions and words you convey this idea to the mother, she would readily accept you and not scold you.

After all, you and I had also sometimes arguments but always forgive each other. I wish you were able to adopt a similar attitude towards mother.

My sisters too are not scheming. They love you and if, again by your actions and words; you make them understand that you are also one like them; I hope they will not do anything to make our life unhappy. You must talk to them one by one and take them into confidence.

Once they gather the impression that you are a well- meaning and honest person, they will simply admire on you.

Explain to them your problem and seek their guidance. They will certainly feel elated and give you due respect. Once you do this, the differences would vanish.

I hope you would pay attention to my advice and leave out sentimentality. You know how much happy I feel when I learn that there is peace and harmony in the house. This is-the secret of a good, adjustable girl which makes marital life a success.

With love,

Very loving yours,
(Your Name)


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