I has been a major loss in my

I am in receipt of your recent letter of ____________ (Date) asking me to pay the rent for the last three months immediately. I also received your earlier reminder. I am really sorry to cause you much trouble by not paying rent in time for the last three months. Frankly speaking, of late I have been in some financial trouble as there has been a major loss in my business. In the recent recession and crash of the market, I have lost a substantial amount of money. But I am confident to overcome these troubles soon as some of my large bank deposits would mature next month.

Then I shall pay all the arrears of rent with nominal interest. In the light of these difficult and unforeseen circumstances, I would be very much obliged if you could bear it for some more time. I am sure to make the entire payment as soon as my business is somewhat normal and my bank deposits mature for payment. And it will be not before long.

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I again feel sorry for non-payment of timely rent for the last few months, but I hope you can very well understand my situation.

With best wishes.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)


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