Responsibilities The ticketing agents receive the calls of

Responsibilities Of Air Ticketing Agents In Navi Mumbai In Aiding Tourists!


Summary: The air ticketing agents are responsible for handling all the online ticketing procedures at the airports.  They help the passengers of the airlines in feeding their required information in the computer and getting their air tickets. They are efficient in selling the air tickets to the passengers who need to board the flights to their desired destinations.

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Content: When the travellers arrive at the airports for buying air tickets from the airline authorities, the air ticketing agents become the points of contact. Their effective customer services are beneficial for both the airport authority and the flight passengers.


These air ticketing agents in Navi Mumbai are specially trained to handle this job profile that is both promising and challenging for them. So now many young people are interested for taking up this profession. However, they should be aware of all job responsibilities for this career.


Vital points of the job profile of air ticketing agents in Navi Mumbai


The ticketing agents receive the calls of the customers and note down all their information in the computer that are required for buying air tickets. They also inform the exact quotes for the airfares of different airlines, as asked by the customers.
These air ticketing agents handle all the processing operations of the applications for buying air tickets from the airline authorities. Both manual and digital entries of the air ticket purchase are done with similar efficiency by these agents. 
When the passengers check-in for boarding their flights, the air ticketing operators in Navi Mumbai assist them in the fast completion of the procedures, by scrutinizing all the travel related papers of the passengers. They also inform the passengers beforehand about the essential documents to be carried while travelling by the flights.
The professional ticketing agents also help the passengers by tagging their luggage and sending the bags towards the conveyor belts, to complete the process of checking the baggage.
They also make the bookings of the seats in the flights, as per the request of the customers, which ensure the maximum comfort of these passengers during the flights. The gate announcements are also made by the ticketing agents for the easy understanding of the passengers about their seat arrangements in the planes.
The confirmation of the purchased flight tickets along with the return tickets are done by the airline ticketing agents in Navi Mumbai. They also arrange the connecting flights for the passengers who need to change the flights to reach their required destinations.
The air ticketing agents are efficient in handling all types of passengers arriving at the airports, including the heavily drunk and hostile-natured people. The passengers are informed about delay of the flights and their reporting times by these professional agents.


Therefore, the air ticketing agents should have fluent communication skills in multiple languages, knowledge in basic computer applications and the ability of handling both sales and customer services at the airports.



Author bio: Hi, this is Jaswinder from Mumbai. Last year, I got immense help from the air ticketing agents in Navi Mumbai, when I needed flight ticket to New York for attending a seminar. 


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