Rohingya: all the Muslim Rohingyan or killed them.

Rohingya: The Unspoken

Definition of refugee

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According to UNCHR, refugees are a group of people
that were forced to leave their country because of persecution, war or violence1.
Most of the refugees are forced to left their country because for reasons like
religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership of a particular

Brief History of Rohingyas Before The Start of Massive
Ethnic Cleansing.

Before the start of
ethnic cleansing, the number of Rohingyas that live in Myanmar was estimated
about 1.1 million. This ethnic population is dominated with Muslims mostly.  They have existed in Myanmar over the
centuries. It was known that the first Muslims to ever settle in Arakan (Bangladesh
now) were in the late of 1400s CE. Most of them served in the court of Buddhist
King Narameikhla (Min Saw Mun) in the 1430s as Muslim advisers and courtiers in
his capital.

In the year of 1785,
Buddhist Burmese from the south of the country conquered Arakan. They chased
out all the Muslim Rohingyan or killed them. Most of the Muslim Rohingya men fled
to Bengal later become a part of the British Raj in India.

 On the year of 1826, the British took over
Arakan after the first Anglo-Burmese War. They encourage farmers at Arakan to
move to the depopulated area of Arakan. Not only that, the sudden influx of
immigrants from British India sparked a conflict. When world war II broke out,
the Britain abandoned Arakan because of the Japanese expansion. During that
chaos both Muslim and Buddhist take chances to kill one another. In 1962, the
Rohingyas proposed for a separate nation for them. However, military Junta take
over thus the militants denied Burmese citizenship to the Rohingyas and defined
them as a stateless Bengalis.

Reasons to why sexual abuse is high in numbers among

The first reason why
sexual rape is high in numbers is rape is being used as a weapon of war.
Soldiers and military officers use rape to humiliate, dominate and to instill
fear in the citizens. The aim of raping children and women is to make them to
submit to their wills and have them to be very obedient. By doing this, they
can make the victim’s mental health deteriorate alas the refugees become
depressed and have mental issues. According to a former commander of United
Nations peacekeeping force, Major General Patrick Cammaert, he said that rape
is such a dangerous weapon as it can destroy community totally. It probably
become more dangerous to be a woman rather than an armed soldier in a war.2

Next reason is, the rate
is high because the refugees is doing for money. Money is needed for the
refugees to start anew. Money is used to buy foods, shelters such as tents and
services. For instance, refugees pay to smuggler and traffickers as well as
some volunteers at the refugees’ camps or near border in order to have medical
supplies or just to secure their path to the new country. Not only that, it is
common for adolescents at Greece’s refugees camp to sell sex as they need to
collect money in order to cross the border. Each sexual favor was paid for 15-euro
pound. 3

Last but not least, the
number of sexual abuse is high as the refugees described that they were forced
to have ‘survival sex’ with their purchasers, captors or their so
called-protectors that hides behind the positions of volunteers. According to a
study made by Harvard University, purchasers of migrant child sex were mainly
men over 35, while children engaging in “survival sex” are mainly teenage boys,
particularly from Afghanistan. It is not something that they easily talk about.
They were forced to do it because they want themselves to be safe, to be
sheltered and to have roof over their head as well as to have food during



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