Roland position of pads struck. Unlike most amateur

Roland TD 30 KV Review


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Sound that feels real

Detailed customization options

The SuperNATURAL module

Consistent trigger pad feedback

Very little noise


Quite expensive

Tough for beginners

No warranty

as a brand is known for producing high quality, world-class musical instruments,
and the Ronald TD 30 KV is no different. Both TD 30 K and TD 30 KV models were
introduced simultaneously, but the latter took the market by storm as it
targeted high end, pro users. The popularity of the model can be judged from
the fact that it is a proper challenge to acquire a piece.

exploring the market for a few days, we were finally able to procure one, and
here is the verdict.

Build and

It is a
lightweight model even though it takes up its share of space. The box contains 4
cymbal pads, 5 trigger pads/drums, the sound engine/module, input and output
audio cables and corresponding mounting gear. It features
the stunning MDS 25 rack with its specially designed clamps, chrome
electroplated tubing and a cable management system, that takes care of all the
wiring to give a polished and compact look.

Roland TD 30 KV is a next-generation model as it features the SuperNATURAL
synth module. It brings in behavior modeling and is equipped with an advanced
sensing technology for the first time in electronic drum kits. Behavior
modeling makes use of the original preset sounds from real drums and reconstructs
them to give the ‘raw’ feel while the advanced sensing technology is used to
dynamically adjust the levels of individual samples depending on the manner and
position of pads struck.

most amateur kits that have pads made of plastic or the real drums that have
Mylar, a mesh-like material is used in TD 30s trigger pads. The mesh is  tailored to absorb sound and make the kit
quieter but still give the feel of real counterparts. The material yields a
lesser rebound due to its softer nature and this helps both amateurs and pros
play it better and faster. With the help of the SuperNATURAL engine, the drums
produce great sounds, keeping the noise under 50 dB (which is “quiet” for

kick pad is a robust and dependable KD 40 and weighs approximately the same as its
standard counterpart. It also features the newly forged VH 13 hi-hat that
accommodates a sensor for motion detection as well as grayish, strangely sticky
cymbal pads.


with the amazing behavior modeling and advanced sensing technology that produce
unique and exceptional sounds, the Roland TD 30 KV’s sound engine has a myriad
of customization controls.

SuperNATURAL engine has an LCD screen installed, together with each button designated
according to its function, so new buyers do not have to keep a manual at hand
all the time. On a superficial look, the interface seems quite intricate, but
with the help of a simpe 10 minute tutorial, players can achieve an astounding levels
of sound quality.

can change various characteristics of each drum pad to trigger by customizing
options of shell depth, beater type, sound muffling and resonance/mic position.
They can also change reverb settings by adjusting Hi damp frequency (Hz), Hi
damp (%), middle or mid dampening frequency (Hz), and low-cut frequency. These
settings demonstrate the level of detail that can be achieved by the sound
engine, and there are many more such options available; the above-mentioned
ones do not even scratch the surface.

The back
panel of the module has a bunch of sockets, including trigger inputs, a mix-in
input for music devices like iPod, a set of routable direct outs, a simple USB
socket and a USB socket for memory cards.


After a
simple setup, the Roland TD 30 KV gives you unlimited freedom to play any style
and kind of music while guaranteeing a realistic feel and producing first-class
sound quality. The toms have a great dynamic range and with the help of the
sound engine, rimshots-enabled tom pads can produce all kinds of sounds and

greatest strength of the kit is the effortless transitions in sound. This can
be felt both in the cymbals and the tom pads. The sounds are modified according
to the position and force of each strike due to the motion sensor. The effect
is much more noticeable on the ride which has subtle changes in sound from the
bow, bell, and edge.

tone also alters just like real drums when increased pressure is applied with
closed cymbals. The cymbal swells sound brilliant whether the player uses
ordinary sticks or mallets to produce them. Users can also use headphone audio
output to hear the nuances and subtlety of each stroke clearly.

The TD
30 KV also features “Song Player” that can play back TD 30’s preset songs,
preset patterns or songs stored on the memory card. Song Player has a few basic
control options that can be used play and stop the music.

Configuring the settings:

The kit comes with an LCD display and
labeled buttons that help new users configure the sound module’s settings
easily and the manual does not have much use after one or two sessions.

With the help of V-Drum technology, it
is quite easy to change various kit characteristics easily, and a user kit can
be created effortlessly via a menu system that is drummer-friendly and
intuitive. Seven sliders on the sound module are used as ‘faders’ to control
the strength and intensity of sound coming in from the hi-hat, toms, cymbals
and the other inputs. From the six drum kit buttons, multi-effects,
composition, mixer, and ambiance can be selected to introduce additional
changes in the music to have the best possible results. The user has three ways
to adjust the volume; mix-in, phones and master, and tweaking these is as easy
as turning a knob.


By far the most expensive kit by the
company on the market, the Roland TD 30 KV is an amazing set with great design
and structure. One point to be noted is that the kit is not suitable for
beginner drummers, as they can easily get confused and overwhelmed with the
number of options at their hand. Dropping in a large sum of money on this model
is also not very smart for someone who does not know how to take care of such a
beautiful instrument.

The company designed this kit keeping
pro users in mind, who want to have a realistic experience with electronic
drums and can take advantage of its customization options.  The kit has received high ratings for its
quality and durability, as it is built to stand the test of time and bear the
daily wear and tear for years. The brilliant SuperNATURAL module gives the user
a never-ending number of sound variations to create the sound they desire. With
the help of constant behavior modeling, the kit allows its players to feel the
nuances of a real drum kit, so they can have the taste of the real, old-school
drums without any of their flaws. All in all, Roland has outdone itself with
the TD 30 KV.