I love without asking for anything in return.

I received your letter, dated_________. Only yesterday I cannot express how pleased I was when I received your letter, which brought a breeze of exhilaration and happiness along with it.

Yes! I do! I do! I am also in love with you! Oh! What a feeling love is! I was overwhelmed by the manner in which, you approached me, conversed with me and empathised with me in every issue. I had never received so much attention, warmth and mental peace in the company of any other male friend of mine. You wrote in the letter that I was slightly offbeat on the day of your departure from the San Francisco Airport. That is true. I knew that you would not be back so soon. I had some confusion, a feeling of silent utterance of the soul, which engulfed me while we were heading for the airport. That is why; it cannot be expressed in terms of words.

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Now, I have realised why people become withdrawn and sullen when their love leaves them for a day or two. My friend, Annie, is also in love with a boy and I was never able to read her mind, though she remained jovial all the time. Now, that I have also fallen in love, I have also realised what divinity is! You need not assure me of your love and affection. Instead, I would give you my warmth and love without asking for anything in return. I would like you to prosper in all terms and scale new horizons in life. I would dedicate myself to your life, career and passions. I am eager to meet you. Perhaps, you would be coming to San Francisco in the first week of July. But I cannot wait till that time. We must meet earlier. Why don’t we meet on ____________ (Date), at Lovers’ Park, Bay Road, San Francisco? We could meet at ____________ (Time) sharp. Please confirm the date and time. If you wish, I would come to the airport to receive you. However, I would like to see you at Lovers’ Park as meetings in this park have a special meaning for girls. Please maintain your record as a punctual man and meet me there only. I eagerly await a meeting with my angel who has changed my life.

Yours forever,
(Your Name)
(Your Address)


I'm Johnny!

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