S that has been classified no. 1

S P Setia Company was united in 1993 as Property, Infrastructure and Business Company and it was listed as Stock Exchange in Kuala Lumpur. This Company is also familiar as one of Malaysia’s top recorded real estate players with a portfolio that encompasses settlements. Principle of continuous excellence is the company’s culture. Setia Company works with the verities of peoples and they have the loyal employees for archiving their company goal. They became a strong team. They have a role to play in maintaining the environment, authorizing our societies.

Like all other high-ranking company, they also have their own mission, vision and goal. Their vision is “To be the best in all we do”. They have so many mission to achieve. First of all their mission is to superior customer service and to enhance shareholders value. Their mission is also to be caring and responsible employer. And lastly to be mindful of our social responsibilities.

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They have achieved “Ranked No. 1” in the Malaysia’s top property developers Awards for 9 times.  Besides that, this company have also achieved so many other awards for their innovation and well-known works for people. S P Setia is the individual one established company that has been classified no. 1 in Malaysia. Confirming that team Setia exhibitions a culture of desire that is stranded in being customer engrossed, cooperative and ground-breaking is their principle aim. “Now a day the effective companies are not only having good funds but also they have to appreciate owners need and end users need” as the chairman of Setia team said. Employee engagement, collaboration, diversity and inclusion are the most important matters they are concern about. Setia group provides effective leaning training for developing their employee’s skills. This company has assorted group of employees straddling crosswise six countries. The K-lang Valley, Johor Bahru, Penang and Sabah are the three key monetary cores of Malaysia that this company is sound reputable. They are now working in five countries- United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam and China.

Setia Company has been recorded for the strong sales in Malaysia.  Setia also itemized on the main market of Bursa Malaysia as award-winning company. They also called market frontrunner in assets improvement. They have the biggest industrialized land bank in Malaysia. This company also now came up with the largest product range which includes Townships, Eco Homes, Luxury Homes, High Rise Residences, Retail & Commercial Properties and Integrated Development. They arrange for abundant opportunities to accomplish others career ambition and reach others impending.

Setia is a place to work for people who love their job. This is perfect mixture between breathing, knowledge and delight.



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