Sample Complaint Letter Requesting to Replace Poor Quality Goods

We regret to point out that the consignment of (Item Names) dispatched by you is not up to the mark. They are not as fine as you promised them to be.

The stitching is not complete in some areas. The buttons are broken. The size is also sub­standard. Consequently we are left with no other alternative but to ask you to replace them with those of better quality.

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Yours faithfully,

(Your Name)
(Purchase Manager)

Reply to the Complaint Letter Regarding Poor Quality of Goods

(Shop Name)

Dear Sirs,

We regret to learn from your letter (Date) that you are not satisfied with the (item names)supplied.

We are nevertheless, glad that you have brought the matter to our notice. We have inspected the goods from the same batch and agree that they also tally with your specification. This is due to the fact that the (item names) are yet to undergo the last process of manufacturing.

However, we are arranging to replace your (item names). Please, return the defective (item name)to us. We trust the replacements, we are sending now will be up to your satisfaction.

Thank you once again for having called our attention to this defect.

Always at your service,

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)
(Marketing Manager)


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