Sample Employment Application for the Post of Production Manager

I have come across your advertisement in ____________ (Newspaper Name), ____________ (date), regarding the aforesaid appointment.

I am ____________ (Your Name). I was born in ____________ (Address) on ____________ (Date). My father was posted in ____________ (Place Name) as a diplomat on behalf of the ____________ (Place Name) and hence, my family shifted to ____________ (Address) during the late seventies.

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I completed my baccalaureate degree in Production Engineering from (____________Institute Name). My area or specialization was “Production Processes in Chemical Plants.” My overall grade point average was 3.88 during my degree course.

After graduation, ____________ (Company Name), a reputed firm of ____________ (Place Name), offered me a job. I joined this firm as Production Engineer (Trainee) in ____________ (Date). I have been working there ever since.

After completion of two years of my training, I was sent to ____________ (Institutions name), ____________ (Address) for one year. I was trained in new production techniques like JIT, Job Process Production and Batch Order Production.

When I returned to ____________ (Place Name), my firm accepted me as Assistant Manager ____________ (Production). I handled complicated assignments like setting of new naphtha cracking plant at ____________ (Address), removing bottlenecks in the production of methane and rescheduling the chemical processing plant for improving its overall productivity. My salary is ____________ (Amount) per month. I am satisfied with the job content and the culture of my company.

Our family would return to (Address) soon. Therefore, it has become imperative for me to look for a job in my home country. I am attaching a copy of my CV for your perusal and necessary action. If you need any other piece of information, kindly do let me know.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

(Your Name)


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