Sample Invitation Letter to Friend to Spend Holidays Together

At last, the summer vacations are on the threshold. It is a wonderful opportunity for us and our husbands to relax and rejuvenate ourselves away from the city’s hustle-bustle. Remember last year’s holidays? How much fun it was? ____________ (Name) and I are still nostalgic about our last holiday together. Its cheerful memories linger on. ____________ (Name) has already charted out a wonderful holiday trip. He says let’s proceed to the hills. What do you say? Our parents and kids, in fact the entire family, are hopeful of our trip together. Our two families can spend great and enjoyable time together.

I know how keen you and ____________ (Name) are for travel. So I hope you will accept my invitation and give me immense happiness by confirming.

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Need I say at all that your company is always a pleasure? Remember, you had promised to spend it with us.

I am very anxious for your response. We are all very excited about the trip, in fact and look forward to it.

With best wishes,

Yours lovingly,
(Your Name)


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