Sample Job Application for the Post of F &B Manager in a Five Star Hotel

I have come across your advertisement in Pravda, dated ____________regarding the aforesaid position.

I am____________ (Name), thirty-five years of age, a permanent resident of____________ (Place name) and a family man. I come of a noble family of Uzbek origin. My father was the manager of a restaurant in ____________ (Place name) but he is leading a retired life now. My mother is a housewife. My wife is an accountant in a company of Moscow.

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I have two children, aged 12 years (a boy) and aged 9 years (a girl), respectively. I completed my graduation in arts from the____________ (University Name) in 1982. I went to____________ (Place name) and joined____________ (Hotel name) in 1985.

Later, I was accepted as Assistant Manager (F&B). My tenure ended on (Date) as I was on a contract with this group for a period of two years. 1 returned to (Place name) after the Glasnost Revolution in 1989.

On____________ (Date), I joined my parents in____________ (Place name). My father persuaded me get a job as Manager (F&B) in that chain of hotels for which, he had worked for twenty-five years. I have been working with this group since____________ (date).

My responsibilities include selection of Vodkas, White Wines, hard liquor, liqueurs, cold drinks, aerated water and fruit juices. I am an excellent cocktail maker. I am fully responsible for all the food and beverage procurement and distribution activities in my assignment. I am drawing a salary of 580 Rubles per month. I expect a monthly salary of 750 Ruble per month plus a car.

A copy of my CV has been attached with this application. If you need any other piece of information, please inform me at my residential phone number any time after 11 PM.

Kindly consider my candidature for the aforesaid position and oblige.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
(Your name)


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