Sample Job Application for the Post of Sales Executive

JOB CODE: _____________

This is in reference to the advertisement issued by you in ____________ (Newspaper Name), ____________ (Date), regarding the post of Sales Executive in your esteemed organisation. I offer my services to your organisation and would like to submit the following details in order to support my claim for the aforementioned position.

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I am ____________ (Your Name), BA (Fine Arts) and MA (English). I am fully computer literate. I am also pursuing my Post-graduate Diploma in Sales Management with ____________ (Institute Name), ____________ (Address).

This diploma would be completed within six months. My expertise is in Fast Moving Consumer Goods. I have achieved the highest targets set forth by my management in this product range. I have a successful sales record of nearly eight years to my credit.

I am fully satisfied with my present assignment. I am also being paid well for my sales results and the incentives are also lucrative. However, my company wants me to repeat the sales performance in ____________ (Place Name) whereas I am not prepared to go outside my city, ____________ (Place Name). I have a family to support and my children are too young to be left alone. My wife is also working. She is not able to devote enough time to children.

Enclosed please find a copy of my Curriculum Vitae’. If you need any other piece of information, please inform.

Kindly accept my candidature for the aforesaid position and oblige.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
(Your name)


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