We and desire quotation for the following items:

We are dealers of lights and lighting equipments and desire quotation for the following items:

1. Tube Lights – 5 Dozens

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2. Halogens (60 W) – 100 Noss

3. Halogens (100 W) – 100 Nos.

4. Double Light roof – 75 Nos.

5. CFL’s

Since your name has been recommended by____________ (Enterprises Name), I hope you shall consider us in good light and extend good discounts and trading conditions.

We would appreciate if you and your best quotation with competitive prices is sent to us at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

A Standard Reply to an Enquiry

Dear Sir,

We thank you much for your letter inquiring our prices dated _____________ and have the pleasure in submitting our quotations as per details mentioned below/ overleaf/attached.

The rates are inclusive of local taxes. Cartage is liable to be borne by you. The delivery shall be made within ____________ (No. of Days) upon the receipt of a confirmed order. An additional discount of ____________% is admissible if your order is in excess of ____________ (Amount) per month.

We assure you of our best services terms and conditions.

Hoping for an immediate order,

Yours faithfully,
(Company Name)


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