It dressed and sincere that even a prince

It was in a marriage party that I first saw you, and lost my heart to you. It was the love at first sight. You know that love is best which comes itself, and not that is generated.

I always dreamt of a girl, smart, pretty, gay, slim, graceful and yet simple. I find in you a rendezvous of all these qualities I have observed and found you to be so stately in your bearing, so good mannered, well dressed and sincere that even a prince would walk on his head a long mile to have you as his beloved and wife.

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My darling (Name), should you reciprocate my tender feelings. I shall be the happiest man on the face of the entire earth. Your very thought sweetens my soul with a heavenly bliss. You are darling of my heart and shall remain so for ever. I have seen hundreds of maidens lovely and sweet, yet none is even half as sweet and lovely as my ____________ (Name).

So much till I received your lovingly reply, or see you sometime next week.

Truly yours for ever,
(Your Name)


I'm Johnny!

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