Sample Show-Cause Notice From Company to an Employee

This show-cause notice is in the context of your involvement in the leakage of vital information of our firm to____________ (Firm name).

It has been alleged by our Senior Executive (legal), after thorough scrutiny of relevant records, that you were involved in the espionage of vital data of our firm when you were posted in our office of ____________ (Place name) for one fortnight.

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You were sent by our marketing department for analysis of monthly data ____________ (date) Onwards. You were given an assignment as you are deemed to be senior employee of our marketing department.

An investigation was conducted about your working in that office during the late night hours of ____________ (Date) you had informed the staff members on duty that you would stay after the office hours. At about ____________ (Time), you switched on the computer system and hooked on Internet.

You used the E-mail mode and sent vital marketing data related to our firm to an E-mail account.This E-mail account number is owned by our leading competitor, ____________(Firm name). We have confirmed that this account is operated by an employee of that company.

You sent marketing data of our firm, including the names and addresses of our clients, to the aforesaid E-mail account. The information was related to fiscal years ____________.

This leakage would jeopardize our vital marketing operations; our competitor would now know about our marketing plans in the target market niches. Therefore, I have been directed by my top brass to suspend you with immediate effect.

You are hereby given a period of 30 days from the ____________ (date) of this letter in order to explain your conduct on the night of ____________ (date) If you were not able to give a satisfactory explanation, your suspension would automatically be converted to an order, which would end your employment in our firm.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,
(Manager Name)


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