Unit How to create a webpage? 4.

Unit Title: HTML Stage 1 : Desired Results| Enduring Understanding| Essential Questions| At the end of the unit, the students will be able to know that… * HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language * HTML is not a programming language * Notepad is one of HTML editor * HTML tags are keywords surrounded by angle brackets  * Web pages are described by HTML documents| 1. What is HTML? 2. What are HTML Tags? 3. How to create a webpage? 4. What is the correlation of web browser and HTML? 5. What are the different functions of HTML tags? | Knowledge| Skills| Disposition| Students will know) * The different HTML tags * The function of each HTML tags. * The structure of an HTML document. | (Students will be skilled in) * Working with various html tags using notepad. * Making webpages. | (Students will value) * Respect in listening. * Honesty in hands-on activities. * Creativity in making web pages. | Number of Meetings: 1 meeting Stage 2 : Assessment Evidence| Evaluative Criteria| Performance Task| * Creativeness / Uniqueness. * Number of tags utilized. * Design of the website. * Correct arrangement of HTML tags. You have been tasked to make a simple webpage of your favourite song lyrics using the notepad application installed in every school computers. Use at least 5 HTML tags on your webpage and make sure that every tag can be easily distinguished by your classmates. Be certain that every tag that you will use is appropriate to the desired outcome of the web page. Make your song lyrics webpage an artistic one. Be creative and organize in creating your webpage. Your output presentation will be assessed using a rubric. | Other Evidences| * Recite the different tags of an HTML document. Identify the function of the tags by using it on a webpage. * Demonstrate the steps in creating a webpage with the basic HTML tags. Assessment Tools * Practical Test * Oral Recitation| Stage 3 : Learning Plan| Number of meetings| Topics| Learning Experiences| Interpretation| Materials| 1| * Describing HTML tags * Basic Working with HTML tags. | * Motivation * Discussion(Defining HTML. Introducing the different HTML tags and declaring their functions. Make the students ask questions if necessary. ) * Demonstration(Showing the step-by-step process in utilizing the tags using notepad. English * Have the students recite the different tags and give their functions. * Have the students create their own website by applying the different HTML tags. | * ComputersPowerpoint PresentationNotepad application * Illustrative materialsFlash Cards| Lesson Development| Closing Activities| * Discussion with Powerpoint Presentation. * Have them infer on the functions of different tags. * Demonstration of how tags are functioning. * Hands-on activities for experiential learning. | * Practical Test. Create their own webpage. * Let the students summarize or state what they have learned. |