Sarah: be if you see a friend

Sarah: Were have you been Michael? Why didn’t
you answer your phone?

 Michael :I?m sorry but we were busy making the world a better
place ,being heroes.

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 Sarah: you and Bailey the dog? Mom
is really upset!

 Michael: Okay, please here me out!
We saw a little girl being bullied by some other girls.

 Sarah: So what did you do to make the world a better place?

 Michael: They all wanted to pat Bailey. I said
that dogs doesn’t like mean people .He sat  with the crying girl, the othe girls weren’t allowed
to pat him.

Sarah: Okay so what did they say? were they

Michael: They said mean things to me. I said
now you’re not being nice again, he doesn’t  like that. You should apologize sincerely, then
he might like you .So they did apologize.

 Sarah: Did they pat Bailey then?

Michael: Yes

Sarah: What did you say to the bullied girl?

Michael: That noone can make her feel bad without
her consent.

Sarah: Wise! Then what happened?

Michael: She gave me a hug. The other girls
were ashamed.

Sarah: Wow, okay ,you really were heroes. I
wish I could be a hero too!

Michael: You could help me talk to mom, I know
she?ll make me feel bad!

Sarah Does she have your consent to make you feel bad?

Michael :Oh! You are right! She doesn’t, I did a good thing. Now you are a hero too.

Sarah: What? Why? I didn’t do anything!

Michael: You helped me believe in myself, that’s
heroic. You don’t need to move mountains  to be a hero, it’s good enough to save someone
from a bad day. A policewoman told us that  in school today.

Sarah: Haha, now let’s go talk to mom and tell
her that she has three heroes in the house!



Police woman visiting school .

Hi, my name is Alice and I work as a policewoman
.I will speak to you abou heroic acts in  everyday life. To be a hero you don’t have to move
mountains ,it’s good enough to save  someone
from a bad day. To do that you need to pay attention to what happens around  you. Maybe you see an old person dropping something,
then you can help picking it up. Another example could be if you see a friend being
sad, you can cheer her up and listen .Or if  you see someone being mean to an animal, you can
tell them to stop .Everyone has a hero  inside. Let’s make the world a better place!