Scrollorama an infinte scroll. This has mainly three

Scrollorama js Introduction It is a latest and lightweight library of javascript for webpage scrolling. I thing you have seen the infinite scrolling event on some website specially on some social networking website this will help you make your website an infinte scroll. This has mainly three featuresWe basically use the vanilla js so there is no need of other dependencies like jQuery or angular js. Although the scrollama js is a polyfilled without support for any browsers. How to import the Scrolloma js just follow given code below12How to Initializing plugin follow the given code below12345 A simple example for thisIn this example i am going to create the three blocks for scrolling12345678910

Block one

Block two



 As in the above code you can see the three blocks are created so now we some put animations on these blocks using .animate method1234scrollorams.animate(‘#title1′,{ duration: 300, property:’zoom’, end: 8 });scrollorams.animate(‘#title2′,{ duration: 600, property:’rotate’, start:90,end:270 });scrollorams.animate(‘#title3′,{ duration: 600, property:’left’, start:-800,end: 0 });        Explanantion of codeAs in the above code you can see the .animate method has been used besides this i put some other effects as well in the code like duration, delay, property, start etc. These are some extra effects which makes impact double of your scrollama js.Scrollama Effects HeightBy the help of this property you can change the height of an element1scrolloramas.animate(‘#title’,{ duration: 300, property:’height’, start: ‘100’,end: ‘500’ });     Text MovingBy this you can move the text in any position1scrolloramas.animate(‘#title’,{ duration: 300, property:’left’, start:-10000,end: 0 });

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