Search same vein, the traffic realised through the

Search Engine Optimization and Its

In a time of
the rising cost and demands of advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is
a cost effective, reliable marketing tool, a necessity for small and large brands
aiming at expanding further.

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This is so
because users of search engines are quick to visit the websites found on the
first page, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides a high ranking for SEO-enabled
brands, attracting an unending flow of traffic, practically all day, every day.
This is unlike web advertising which runs through a certain timeframe and is
renewed time after time.

In the same
vein, the traffic realised through the optimization of SEO is of good quality, more
reliable and are more likely to render patronage as these set of web users set
out with the aim of having their needs being met. On the other hand, web ads
are in most cases seen as a distraction and in some other cases a nuisance and
the likelihood of patronage is low as they are given little or no attention.

Furthermore, because activating a Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) affords a brand the higher visibility status, taking the lead among the
tons of “related searches” made available by search engines, SEO is steadfast
in building brand trust between the brand owners and their target audience. Visitors
on, google, yahoo, Bing and other search engines have built a level of
trust with information gotten from them, hence rubbing off on your brand.

Likewise, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a non-paid or “almost
free” form of marketing, hence is cost saving and in the long run, effects
positively on market returns. Although a brand might pay for the services of a
professional SEO company, asides from the charges by the company which is in
most cases paid once, there is usually never the need for a renewal payment.
Meanwhile, choosing to advertise is a rather continuous thing and requires a
weekly, monthly or annual renewal or budgeting.

Similarly, SEO is an effective Public relations tool and can
give Micro, Small, and Medium business enterprise an edge over popular, bigger
brands if used rightly. This is so because the influx of traffic into the site
makes room for the discovery of new markets and gives a wide global reach,
hence making room for higher patronage and greater expansion. Advertising on
the other hand has its limitations with reach and ought to be captivating
enough to attract the necessary attention.