Seba would sit, cross-legged, on a square throne

Seba Alkhawalda Mr. Hopper World Geography Jan.12.2018Syria , known all over Asia and the Middle East  for its olives , is gorgeous place to visit because of its temperate climate , it has awesome museums , and the many historical sites . Pull factor 1  physical geography Umayyead  mosque , also known as the Great Mosque of Damascus located in the old city of Damascus,it’s one of the largest and oldest mosques in the world .In the centre of the city stood the Umayyad mosque, a gem of archi- tecture that still attracts lovers of beauty. Nearby lay the caliphal palace, called al-Khadra 1 , because of its green dome. 5 In his palace the caliph held his formal audiences. Dressed in gorgeous flowing robes, he would sit, cross-legged, on a square throne covered with richly embroidered cushions. Paternal mayyeadrelatives, arranged according to seniority, stood on the right side; maternal relatives on the left; courtiers, poets and petitioners behind. (pg 472) factor 2 Attractions/ recreation Souk al-Hamidiyyeh (Damascus)Souk al-Hamidiyyeh in Damascus, is the largest and the central souk in Syria, next to the castle inside the old city of damascus where its located . The souq is about 2,000 ft long  and 49 ft wide, and is covered by a 33 ft tall metal arch. The souq starts at Al-Thawra street and ends at the Umayyad Mosque  .it’s the place that every syrian depends on of there needs , because its has pretty much everything that people might need . factor 3 culture / tradition Dabka one of the most famous dances in syria and mostly in all the Arabic countries .Dabke ( also spelled Dabka, Dubki,and other multiple ways ), is an Arab folk Dance native to the Levant ( Bilad Alsham )  . Dabke combines between  circle dance and/or  line dancing  and is very performed at weddings and other parties or  joyous occasions. The line forms from right to left. its has a leader that  heads the line of the Dabka , alternating between facing the audience and the other dancers. In English, its name is also transliterated dabka, dabki and           Syria’s Pull factors essay There are a lot of the pull factors in Syria, like Umayyad mosque as a physical geography pull factor, it’s the greatest mosque of Damascus specifically in the center of the old city of Damascus ,it’s agem of architecture that still has a lot of people visiting it .nearby the Calipha place , called Alkhadra, because of its green dome .and it’s one of the largest and oldest mosques in the world . other pull factors in Syria is Souk Al Hamidiyeh as attraction recreation pull factor , it’s the largest and the central Souk in Syria .located inside the old walled city of Damascus next to the castle. The Souk is about 2,000ft long and 49ft wide and its covered by 33ft tall metal arch.the souk start at Al-Thawra street and ends at the Umayyad mosque plaza , and the ancient Roman Temple of Jupiter stands 40 feet tall in its entrance.Dabka is one of the culture and traditional pull factors in Syria ,it’s the most famous dance in Syria and mostly all over the arabian countries .Dabka is a circle dance and line dancing , people like to dance it at the weddings and other joyous parties or occasions . the line goes from right to left and the leader of the dabka heads the line.


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