Yours any feelings for a girl, express

Yours Friend,
(Your Name),

Reply to the Previous Letter


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Dear (Name),

Hi, how’s life? I cannot describe the joy your letter brought me. It was so nice of you to remember us and tell you a secret, all of us had taken a fancy towards you for your cordial behaviour and your manners. Mama and (Sister Name) have been discussing you, since the time you left and let me tell you, the pain of parting was more mutual. Your proposal for friendship completely surprised me and knowing how shy you are I was expecting this. So ____________ (Name), YES I have accepted you as a friend in my life. No doubt I have so many friends out here, but you are quite “Spe­cial”. Your modesty, composure and dignity had really charmed me. Tell you something. You are a stupid. Why you did not propose me here?

At least I could have been more open with you and maybe delayed your return. Unlike you, I am not so consum­mate with words hence I’ll keep loving you without think­ing about any consequences, you know what I mean? Next time if you have any feelings for a girl, express it then and there, without any fear. We also plan to come down to India sometimes in ____________ (Date) and beware I will disturb you a lot. Keep writing till then. Missing you.

Yours Friend Forever,
(Your name)


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