Peafowl’s is imprinted in many cultures around

Peafowl’s are generally considered telluric and omnivorous feeders. Their diet gotten from scratching the earth’s surface with their feet’s and comprises of both plants and animals, ranging from seeds, flower petals, grains insects and smaller reptiles. Their life span ranges from twenty to twenty five years.

Peafowl’s are social animals that cherish belonging to a pride or party. However most males do not get along. It is accepted that two species of peafowl’s are polygamous expect the green which is monogamous in the wild.

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Presently and in the past, in most places peafowl’s were/are considered a delicacy, and were/are domesticated and bred mainly for this purpose, however most nations have enacted strict wild life protection laws against hunting of peafowl’s, for example the Indian wild life (Protection) Act, of 1972. In some nations like Japan, England and America, where peafowl’s are not indigenous to, they have bred and overtime established a stable and sizeable population of peafowls that roam urban areas freely as they are protected by the law.

Mans fascination with the peacock and its plumage has lasted for thousands of years and is imprinted in many cultures around the world. This relationship continues today, with the peacock being the national bird of India and also depicted in the logos of the Pakistan Television Corporation and American broadcaster NBC which also has a slogan “We‘re proud as a peacock”. It is also considered to be a scared animal and is revered in different religions as symbolic for a range of qualities, such as benevolent, patient, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable , love, watchful, good-will, nurturing, kind-heartedness and royalty.

Naturally as it has been for years with many people and cultures, students are eagerly interested in peacocks, they love its bright colors and intriguing nature. Although peacocks are not known to display any aggressive nature toward human beings, it is important for anyone introducing students to a peacock to take all the necessary safety precautions and teach the students about the peacock in simple, interactive language.


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