Short Essay on 2G Spectrum Scam

The other allegations included- non compliance to the set procedures like no auction process being followed for allotment for spectrum, licenses issues on First-cum first-serve basis to the mobile companies. While the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had recommended that spectrum be auctioned at market rates, Raja ignored the advice and favored some of the companies and in a way squandered the national asset.

The highly benefited companies by 2G spectrum Scam were Unitech, Swan Telecom amongst others. It was found that Swan Telecom got the licenses in spite of its inability to meet the eligibility criteria. While Swan paid Rs. 1537 crore, Unitech Wireless got the license for Rs 1661 crore. A total of Rs. 10,772 crore was paid by 9 DoT companies to buy the 2G licenses.

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Others were also involved in the conspiracy with A. Raja. Kanimozhi, is who an MP and DMK Chief Karunanidhi’s daughter was also into trap, as she along with Dayalu Ammal who are the owners of Kalaignar T.V. channel.

CBI alleged that Swan Telecom had sent a Rs. 214 crore as bribe to A. Raja which ultimately reached Kalaignar T.V. through a mess of companies. Shahid Balwa was also accused of colluding with Telecom Minister and helping him channelise the enticement he received into real estate. Even Sanjay Chandra, Unitech Chief was accused of cheating and conspiracy. ADAG was controlled by 3 senior executives of Anil Ambani who also landed up in Tihar Jail. Sidharth Behura was accused of disallowing the other Telecom Companies from participation in allotment and hence faced charges like Raja. Raja’s Secretary RK Chandolia also faced the same charges.

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