Ferishta Khan being the royal servant also

Ferishta writes that Ghiasuddin was born of a Hindu Jat mother. His father served the Sultanate of Delhi during the reign of Balban. Ghazi Tughluq also worked under the protective wings of Jalaluddin Khalji.

He soon raised to prominence due to his ability and capability. Alauddin Khalji finding virtues in him awarded the post of Governor of Dipalpur to him and the post of Warden of the Marches was also given to him in 1305 A.D. He performed his duties well and not only followed an aggressive policy against the Mongols but also invaded Kabul, Ghazni and Kandhar. Ibn Batuta refers to an inscription in the Jama Masjid of Multan which was constructed by

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Ghazi Malik that having won twenty-one battles against the Mongols, he was named malik-ul-Ghazi. He served the Sultanate earnestly but he was shocked by the murder of Mubarak Shah Khalji. He could not tolerate the bloody act of Khusrau Khan and refused to recognize his as Sultan of delhi. He collected old guards and sought help from the nobles.

His son Juna Khan being the royal servant also came over to him. After consolidating his position, he (Ghazi Malik) made an invasion against Khusrau Shah, and defeated the latter and his brother Hisamuddin in a pitched battle. They tried to run away from the battlefield but were caught and beheaded.

Ghazi Malik after achieving victory against Khusrau Shah and assassinating him entered the capital with great pomp and show. He declared that in case, any of the male members of the Khaljis was alive, he could be installed on the throne but as none was alive, he himself ascended the throne of Delhi on 7 September, 1320 A.D. with the consent of the nobles amidst great rejoicing of the people. Lanepoole has remarked in this connection, “Now thou hast done a faithful work which will be recorded in history, thou hast delivered the Muslims from the yoke of Hindus and Pariahs hast avenged our benefactors and earned the gratitude of the rich and the poor. Be our king.”


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