The time- schedule. So they have devised

The naturalists advocate play-way as another important method of imparting education. Its underlying principle is that learning should take place in the spirit and by the method of play-way. It is, therefore, regarded as the most natural and most outstanding methods of creative education. It creates the spirit of joyful, spontaneous and creative activity.

3. Observation and Experimentation: Thirdly:

The naturalists assail time-table, and disfavour and type of rigidity in the daily time- schedule. So they have devised such schedules as the Dalton plan, which gives, freedom to the pupils to choose his own schedule of work. They learn through observation and experimentation.

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4. Self-Government and Self-Effort: Lastly:

The naturalists also emphasise open- air schools, self-government in schools and the establishment of co-education in educational institutions. Self-government will give direct experience of social life while co-education will develop right type of family and community life. Thus the contribution of naturalism to the field of modern methodology of education is most outstanding and most abiding.


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