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In the first stanza Poet searches for an evocative Western faith in Christmas past with the streak, “It was snowing. It was always snowing at Christmas”. He adds the pleasant memory of youth past by relating the snow as being recovered and more exhilarating than the snow that is veteran as a grown person. The writing style is comedic with embellished characters, that are used either for comedic outcome or to illustrate how youth memories are inflamed because of youthful understanding.

Each person in this world has their own memories from childhood. These memories are the sweetest part of everybody’s life as gives strength to play remaining innings in life.
This poem is telling a story that poet has experienced in his past life. He is telling how he enjoyed one Christmas in his life. What things he did at that time? Where he went? What he ate? Where he played? What he waited for? The whole Christmas day is described in this poem. In other words the sweet memories are pushed out from mind and written on a page. Poet pulls everyone into the past.

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This life is so much busy and no one even have time to spend with their family. So, is it possible to remember or memorize all those childhood memories? Of course yes, it is possible. What it needs is simply giving few minutes from day to day life and remembering those beautiful moments did in past.

“A child’s Christmas in Wales” is encouraging type of poem as it teaches how life would be easier if everyone starts behaving as a child. Childhood memories can surely bring happiness to present life and behaving like so can enhance the reason to live more and more. The poet is explaining his child life and honestly giving a hidden advice to everybody. Whether to accept this advice or not, depends on the person but once a true meaning of this poem is recognized then it is impossible to stop ourselves by being child. This is the great devotion for this poem.


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