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Even the major general, the head was not allowed to express his love directly. The poet also stresses the importance of the soldiers who die in the battlefield fighting for their motherland. We all cannot be like these soldiers, but we should respect their courage and the code of conduct they follow just for the protection of their own country. They do not care whether they die in the process. How many of the people of today’s young generation have the courage to do so? Quite a few of them can do so.

Rudyard Kipling also stresses on the fact that the soldiers who die in such a way are immortal because it is impossible to do what they have done, such a sacrifice results in an individual remaining immortal for the nation and also in the hearts of the citizens of the nation. The poet says “But the tale is on the Frontier, and from Michni to Mooltan, they know the worthy General as “that most immoral man.” These lines depict the fact that the general, their general was the most immortal man. Death could not separate him from his soldiers.

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Despite their hearts filled with grief, the soldiers are sincerely paying homage to their dead general; only one significant fact is now visible, these soldiers are following the code of morals still. Not only the soldiers follow these code of morals but they also tell their wives and family to follow them just for the progress of the nation.


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