From Night actually rhymes with the word eremite

From line three ‘And watching, with eternal lids apart’, Keats continues to describe the star as watching over the earth with eyes wide open forever ‘eternal lids apart’. Whatever the star is watching over we have no idea.

Line four ‘Like nature’s patient, sleepless Eremite’ actually the word eremite is the old fashioned way of referring to a hermit. A hermit is one who lives in solitude. By referring to the star as an eremite the poet is drawing attention to the lonesomeness of the star. Night actually rhymes with the word eremite which explains the poet’s choice of the word.

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The star is patient and always awake but watching over what exactly Keats imagines how the great waters of the earth would appear from the bright star’s heavenly height. He likens that appearance of the earth’s waters round the shores that man can reach to the pure waters that the priest for ‘ablution’ which is a ritual washing by priests.

Not only would these great heights be a great watch for the earth’s waters but also for gazing at the mountains’ and moors’ snow. Moors here refers to the open land usually with peaty soil covered with heather, bracken and moss mostly found in high altitudes and latitudes.

According to Keats he could be super ‘steadfast’ and ‘unchangeable’ than the bright star. But in truth his destiny has already been determined. The last and absolute desire he has is to lie ‘on the bosom of his fair love’s ripening breast’ so that he would savor and treasure that particular moment with the love of his life.

For that special moment he would not sleep forever so as to feel the ‘soft fall and swell of her tender body’ because each moment would count. This would be a moment to live forever and enjoy the feel of ‘her tender taken breath’ warm, gentle and full of love. Should death strike him prior to his time then it should do so when he is at the arms of his sweetheart as he mentions ‘and so live-or else swoon to death’.


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