Compensation is confused whether to select joy

Compensation takes a quick turn at the end. There are few lines showing importance of happiness. Emerson puzzles whether to laugh at some situations or let them go without any reaction on face. This shows a confused mind of Emerson. This confusion is in between selection. He is confused whether to select joy or to let go sorrow. This makes every reader to think deeply about life.

This essay is encouraging for those who are lost in between joy and sorrow. This essay is for those who are confused in making decisions. Those who have different gender will appreciate Emerson’s thinking. This is because Emerson has spoken their words through this essay. It is really sad to not to have one holiday if you are working for more hours, more days and more weeks that any man can rarely do. This is actual stealing of thoughts. Emerson has actually stolen words from the mouth of people who are gay. This is not only for gays but also for those who believes in similar sexuality. This makes this essay more unique than other essays. Once you read this essay, you will wish to read it once again just to understand its real meaning.

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