Short Summary of “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas

Next, the poet describes about how different personalities of people take death as and when it comes. Firstly, he talks about the wise people. These are the smart people takes the death as a fact of life. They know that it will come one day and they surrender to its darkness. They know that no matter how wise words they have ever spoken, these would not help since they bend in front of death and let their lives end with no fighting or revolt.

In contrast to the wise men, the poet describes the nature of good men. This set of people fight against the death as and when it approaches. These people take life as a bay which is green means full of life and joy, and the big wave as the last wave. They feel that this last wave should stop before it touches them. They know that their life is full of joy and they must enjoy it more before they go to their death beds. These are the people who fight with death so that they can live more and taste the sweet fruits of their lives.

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Next the poet talks about the wild people, who enjoyed their lives and lived a happy life. This set of people also surrenders in front of death and keep on grieving and crying when death comes. They muster no power to fight with death and again go gentle into the laps of the death.
In contrast, the poet describes the grave men, the people who are very near to death, who can see that the death may come any time. It is not possible for them to open their eyes fully and feel so sleepy and is kind of ready for their good night. These people feel that life is like meteor which comes and are now going away from them. These people are the one who are fighting to keep their eyes open, to fight with death till they can. These are the brave people who do not go gentle in the good night.

In the next part of the poem, we truly understand the poet’s deep hidden reason for writing this wonderful piece of writing. His own father has turned old and nearing death. He is very much sad for this plight, and it hurts him to see him fading with the approaching death. He is asking him to fight, to fight hard against the death and live more. His life is moving into the darkness as the light of life is fading for him, but the poet wants his father to keep this light glowing and he should not go gentle in the good night.


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