This forever. She is always be present

This Author once again reminds loved ones that she is not really gone and everything will be okay. She is not dead or gone forever. The memory of the individual will be left on earth. Her spirit is happy and at peace. She hopes these words can bring peace to loved ones as well.

Once again she is trying to console the family and her near ones that they should not cry or be sad by thinking that she is dead or gone forever. She is always be present among them, but in a different way. They must remember and cherish her in the time they spent together with her and the sweet memories they had with her. By crying, they are hurting her. It does not make her feel good if they cry over her grave. She is assuring her family and friends that she is at a better place. Her spirit is peaceful and in joy. She is at a great place, and thus, her family members and the near and dear ones should not remember her with tears but with happiness so that she can also lay with relaxation at the place where she is currently at. Thus, this poem is not about being sad whenever a person goes. It gives a beautiful lesson to everyone that whenever any of your near ones passes away, he or she does not actually leave you forever, because his or her memories are always with you.

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