In The author describes that our life will

In the last four lines, the author is once again emphasizing on holding onto our dreams. He is explaining the consequences of dreamless life. He says that if we let our dreams go, then life is not just a waste, but it is like a barren land.

Just like a barren land is useless for a farmer since nothing can be harvested on it, similarly a dreamless life will not be fruitful for anyone. It would not serve any benefits to anyone. Without dreams, the life will not just be barren land, but will be covered with snow. Snow symbolizes cold and emotionless. The author describes that our life will also lack it is warmth and will become cold and emotionless without dreams.

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Each and every word in Langton’s poem has some deep meaning. It gives us a hidden lesson for watching good dreams, for if we will watch dreams, we will listen to them, strive to achieve them and gather some achievements in our lives.

Hence, one should always hold on to our dreams, and try to fulfill them. It is no doubt, no doubt, very sad and depressing, when our dreams break or are not fulfilled. But it does not mean that one stops dreaming. We shall always try our best to fulfill our drams and work in the direction of achieving them.


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