She this love is true and emerges from

She does not deserve his wait, his love. He longs for her, and know that this agony of one sided love is making his heart freeze for her. And even after this gesture, when she does not melt, the pain in his heart rises and this coldness turns into a deep fire, a passion for her. His heart is burning in love for her.

In the second stanza, the narrator is analyzing the reason for why does he love her so deeply. But he is just unable to find out the reason. He just knows that he is in love with her; this love is true and emerges from the core of his heart. There is no reason for this love, it is selfless. He knows that this love causes pain in his heart and wants to change this feeling but as he thinks of doing so, he is just helpless. He bends in front of her and longs for her love. As he thinks about bringing a chance in his nature and not love her, not see her, but that moment only he realizes that it is impossible. He loves her blindly. Whatever he do so that he does not love her and hate her, forgets her, but the truth is that his love is pure and can not be changed.
In the next stanza, the poet is thinking about the approaching winter season. The winters are going to be harsh upon him when everything will freeze, and the rays of sun, which represents the hope, will not bring hope for him. It seems that in the month of January, she seems to be going away from him. It is going to toughest for him. He knows that this will make his heart tear apart. Everything will be cruel on him. He fears that this will take away his inner peace, his calmness forever.

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In the last stanza, the narrator is deeply sad since all his hopes seem shattered. He knows that she will never come back, no matter how much he loves or does not loves her. Also he knows that it is not possible to live without her. Hence, he feels that he will be dying of the fact that his love will come be completed. He is thrilled that the reason for his end will be his love. He will be devastated due o the reason that he loves her and this love only is going to kill him. But no doubt, he will be nearing death but still his love will not vanish or fade. He will be in blood or in fire, but the passion of his love will always glow. He will love her in all circumstances, whether she does not love him, hate him, tear his heart or becomes the reason for his death.


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