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One should be truthful and not indulge in the game of blames and lies. No matter one is welcomed with hatred, but one should try not to give hate in return, and even be good to others so that others should not get any opportunity to hate. It is important to be humble, doubt free, keep patience, truthful and shower love, but in order to achieve these attributes, do not do show off. Do not try to look too good or too wise, means do not force upon yourself what you are not. Just be yourself and be humble.

The poet then explains that it is important for one to dream in life, since life is meaningless without dreams, but do not get governed by them. One should work towards achieving and fulfill your dreams but do not become a slave of your dreams.

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Moreover, it is good to think, one should think before doing anything since it is wise to be thoughtful. But do not make those thoughts your only goals or objectives since they can lead you to wrong paths. The goals and objectives should be aimed after considering other vital factors along with one’s thoughts. Both success and failure are the part and parcel of life, but one should not become too happy with success and too sad with failures. One should treat both these extreme situations with a moderate emotion.

The poet details the audiences that one should not be led by the extremities. One should not just be truthful, but if any dishonest person twists those words in order to fool you, you should have the ability to listen to those bitter truths. It is also important not to forget one’s past, the way one travels the journey from ground and sky, since it involves lots of hardships and lessons learnt.

The poem then talks about being daring, where you risk all your achievements in life for a single calculated move. In life, the events of losses and profits do come. If in that one game, you lose all your money, all your achievements, and you have to start from the very beginning. All the struggles which you did in order to undertake those earnings, you land up at the beginning of that struggle. But still, you should become humble enough not to cry about the big loss you suffered. One should have self control and patience so that one builds stamina and will power. It is the will power which can derive your success.

In the last stanza, the poet inspires to maintain the virtue in oneself. No matter you talk with lots of people, but not try to goof up with them to build a false value or to impress someone. You should maintain the good quality in you, and not led by others when you interact with them. You should also maintain your simplicity, no matter you are surrounded by the company of hi-fi people. You should be modest and not influenced by anyone, neither by your friends nor by your enemies. Be yourself even if you are among the crowd. You should keep forgiving nature and if you keep all imbibe all these attributes in your life, you will be the king of yourself, untouched by any harms. You will be the winner of all the powers on this mother earth. You will become a real man of virtue.


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