The imaginations but trees are God’s creation.

The birds depend on the undergrowth of the tree for shelter. The branches of the trees are symbolized by ‘trees hair’ and during summer the birds take rest on the trees. The tree is a source of refuge for lots creatures. The poet is quite fascinated by the nature of the tree to provide refuge to other creatures.

The trunks of trees are usually covered in snow and cold during winter ‘under whose bosom snow has lain’ bosom refers to the trees trunk. The trees are able to tolerate the cold due to their robustness. The trees flourish or blossom in the rain. The trees thrive during the rains.

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Trees are not made by man they are made by God. Alfred describes him and other poets as fools. Poems come from people’s imaginations but trees are God’s creation. The poem describes himself as a fool to express his inferiority to the works of God. ‘Fools like me’ God can make a tree’ this line emphasizes not only the work of God but also the work of poets putting the works of God into perspective.


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