She worried about the prospect of growing old.

She also says that she will spend their whole income (as pension) spending frivolously on brandy, summer gloves and satin sandals instead of satisfying the essential needs. She also wishes that when she got tired then she wants to sit down on pavement and gobble up samples in shops. The good thing about old age is that nobody cares so much about what you look like or what you do. You can get away with most things and all people will do is call you eccentric! She also expresses her wishes to go outside while raining in their slippers and want to pick the flowers from the others people’s gardens and fulfill her heart’s desire without needing to be concerned about anybody or anything.

It is very normal for every middle-aged person to be worried about the prospect of growing old. People usually pretend to be young always and try to postpone old age. That’s why she wants to be fattier, so that she can wear a terrible shirt. Old lady also thinks that why she is now restless. She feels the burden of being adult and sensible and thinks in old age she would like to be outrageous. She foresees the freedom of being old, when people will stop expecting her to behave in a responsible manner. The poem conveys both her excitement at her plans for growing old and her frustration at the way she is expected to behave now.

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She wants to rebel against the ways in which she is expected to be a role model to her children and respect the norms of society’s standards so as not to stand out from the norm, yet in old age, we are done with society. But she expresses her desire to “make up. She will have a try at changing so that she can do everything without overly shocking people who know her already.


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