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Sohaib Malik Afghanistan is a third world country with many human rights violations such as child labor, women’s equal rights, and education. People of Afghanistan, live in misery because they don’t have their basic needs fulfilled. They are tortured on the hands of militant groups, who are responsible for human genocide. However, its the government’s job to protect its people and provide them with a solid educational system and benefits. The continuous war on terror also is an added factor. The people of Afghanistan are suffering due to negligence on the hands of powerful people in the country. The education system in Afghanistan is one of the weakest around the world. Due to lack of schools and academic strength, the population is affected immensely. Because of the lack of educational system and cultural discouragement, fewer females attend school. The male literacy rate isn’t that high either, ranking at eighteen percent, with females only at five percent. `These school enrollment rates for students are fifty-four percent for males, and twelve percent for females. Since the attendant rates for schools are so low, schools don’t have qualified teachers or an academic system.  The teachers are underpaid and don’t have enough funds to provide facilities in the classroom environment.     Since education isn’t a priority, the children of the nation are working hard to provide for their families. At least a portion of Afghanistan children between ages 5 and 14 work for a living to avail their families make mazuma. Children in Afghanistan generally work long hours for little pay. They work in the habitation predicated carpet business as bonded labor in brick kilns; in the metal industry as tinsmiths and welders; in mines in 4 agriculture; and on the streets as vendors, shoe shiners, and beggars. Workforces children to coalesce the encumbrances of a job with inculcation which obviates them from peregrinating to school altogether. Work induces many children to leave school prematurely. Only a moiety of Afghanistan’s child laborers attends school.Concrete Example: Rahimullah, 15, has worked as a brick maker for five years with his father and older brother, 18, and his younger siblings. They start the day at 4 a.m. and end it at nightfall. Every member of the family works. Rahimullah says “My smaller siblings also work. When they turn five, they start working. That’s when they start. It’s not just one thing we do; there are a lot of things to do in the brick business– go clear the ground, take the shovel, bring the pickaxe, do this thing, bring me the bucket… the point is, everyone works.” Afghanistan is a country that is not very kind to women. Women in Afghanistan suffer from being tortured and abused by men. Virtually nine out of 10 Afghan women face physical, sexual or psychological violence, or are coerced into espousement. The government doesn’t bother what’s happening to these women and how they’re getting abused.Concrete example: “Sadia quietly entered the room, and took a seat. She’s thin, almost emaciated, and old beyond her years. “It was the second night of Ramadan,”, and she woke her husband up for suhoor, the morning meal served just before Sadia recounteddawn.”I prepared food and I told him to get up. When he got up he asked me why I didn’t make milk tea. I told him I would go make it, but he didn’t listen. He just started beating me.”Beatings were frequent over the course of their two-year marriage. Two months in, her husband and his family stopped feeding and giving Sadia clothes. They would shut all the windows and doors of the house and take turns beating and strangling her.”When they beat me, they would tell me, ‘You’re all alone, scream as loud as you want, there is no one here to hear you.” (Al-Jazeera)This is only one example of the injustice that many women in Afghanistan face. According to Al-Jazeera; “Up to 87 percent of Afghan women have experienced some form of violence, and 62 percent have experienced multiple forms of violence.” This number only reflects the number of women that have tried to reportedly seek justice, a huge number of women are too afraid to come forward and try to seek justice from domestic violence and the numbers are rising day by day. Many of the men belong to powerful militant groups so often when women do try and seek justice, cases like these aren’t even presented because prosecutors are told to look the other way. The countries senseless justice systems ‘three-time abuse rule’ is a rule that only allows divorce in a marriage if the incident has occurred three times. If a divorce is allowed then they are lead by very heavy penalties that go up to $9,000 which isn’t something many people can afford. My conclusion is that I propose that the regime needs to make rigorous laws about citizens civil rights and implement them, provide quality edification to avail the of Afghanistan. The regime needs to fund free public schools so Afghanistan people don’t have to pay to put their kids in school because of the abundance of families doesn’t have that much money. The government should implement laws for child labor for fair hours, and prevent kids from working in dangerous and harsh work conditions. This would help kids to earn enough money to support their families, as well as give them enough time to go to school and get their education. For woman rights they should get rid of the three-time abuse rule’ is a rule that only allows divorce in a marriage if the incident has occurred three times. If a divorce is allowed then they are lead by very heavy penalties that go up to $9,000 which isn’t something many people can afford. All in all the government should interfere with its public affairs more and regulate its laws as well as tweak them a little so everyone can live equally.          References