Specimen of Letter of Appointment for a Probationer or a Regular Employee

Typist Clerk

2. Consolidated:

____________ (Amount) Per Month Salary

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3. Date of Appointment:

____________ (Date)

4. Probation:

That you will be on probation for a period of three months from the date of your joining. Thereafter, if your services are found satisfactory, you shall be confirmed in writing. If found necessary, your probation period may be extended at the discretion of the management or may be dispensed with earlier, either during the probation or the extended period of probation. Unless confirmed in writing, you shall be deemed as probationer after the expiry of the probation period or the extended period of probation.

5. Place of Posting:

Your place of posting shall be, at present, in ____________ (Place Name) but you are liable to be transferred to another department, post or place if in existence or which may come into existence hereinafter either at the place of posting or at any other place where the management may establish/open its branch/ office later on.

6. Termination:

During the probation period or the extended period of probation your services can be terminated at any time without any notice and services will come to an end on the expiry of the probation period. After confirmation your services are liable to termination at one month’s notice or payments in lieu thereof. You shall also give a similar notice of resignation or forfeit one month’s wages.

7. Suspension:

In case you are charged with any act of misconduct, you may be suspended from service, pending inquiry. If you are held guilty of the misconduct, you shall not be entitled to any wages for the suspension period. However, in case you are not found guilty, you shall be paid wages for the suspension period and treated as if you have been in service during the period.

8. Mode of Communication:

For any service of notice or communication of whatever kind, you shall be informed by ordinary post at the address given by you at the time of your employment or such other address which you may hereafter intimate to the management. The management may also paste a copy of the letter on the notice board which shall be considered to be sufficient service on you. In case of any change in your address, you shall inform the management in writing to this effect within one week of such change and get such new address recorded in your personal record.

9. Abandonment and Automatic Termination:

Absence for a continuous period of 8 days (including absence when leave though applied for but not granted) and when overstayed for a period of 8 consecutive days would make you to lose your lien on the service and the same shall automatically come to an end without any notice or even intimation. You shall be liable to pay one month’s salary in lieu of notice which shall be deducted from your salary or other dues.

10. Sick Leave:

You shall be entitled to 12 days sick/ casual leave. Sick leave shall be granted only for certified sickness. Application for grant of leave must, therefore be accompanied by a medical certificate acceptable to the management. If no certificate is submitted, leave application shall not normally be considered for adjustment against sick leave. Proper leave application must be submitted immediately upon falling sick together with medical certificate. Late submission of application may be liable to be marked absent.

On returning from sick leave, if not found medically fit, you will not be allowed to resume duty until completely recovered from sickness and on production of certificate of fitness from the medical practitioner acceptable to the management.

11. Privilege Leave:

Privilege leave shall be allowed for 15 days on the completion of one year. Grant of leave will depend on the exigencies of work and shall be at the discretion of the management. Before proceeding on leave you will have to apply for leave on the prescribed form to the appropriate authority and seek prior permission for leave.

Similarly, for extension of leave, an application will have to be made in writing, well in advance, so as to reach positively before the expiry of leave originally granted. You will have to write your address during the leave period. Mere submission of application will not mean that the leave has been sanctioned.

12. Rules and Regulations:

You will be bound by any rules and regulations enforced by the management from time to time in relation to conduct, discipline, medical leave and holidays or any matters relating to service conditions which will be deemed as rules, regulations and orders in the parity of these terms of employment.

13. Fitness:

That the continuation of your service is subject to your being found and remain medically, physically and mentally fit.

14. Increments:

That your yearly increment will be based on the performance of duty if found satisfactory during the past year of service in terms of efficiency, regularity, punctuality and discipline and the same may be withheld if the performance is found unsatisfactory or accelerated in case of exceptionally good performance.

15. Retirement:

You are liable to retire on your reaching the age of 58 years or earlier, if found medically unfit. If these terms and conditions are acceptable to you, please sign the duplicate of this letter in token of your having understood and accepted the same. This offer is valid up to ____________ (Date).

(Manager Name )
For (Company)

Declaration: I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and I undertake to abide by them.

(Signature of the Employee)


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