Speed and MMA. Butter Beans massive gives

Speed power and being light on your feet as well as a reflex to dodge punches are all major keys to boxing. When you think of a boxer you see them as having a great physical and mental ability to throw combinations to their opponent. Butterbean an all professional boxer is the complete opposite of all above. Having the weight of 425 lbs and the height of 5 ft and 11 in he is clearly the biggest man in professional boxing. You might be thinking that he is the worst boxer in the history of boxing and that he is too slow to sustain his energy in the amount of time it takes for a 12 up match up. Well, you would be surprised at how good butterbean is in the ring.Eric Scott Esch also was known as ‘Butterbean’ is an all-time professional boxer, kickboxer, mixed martial artist, and wrestler. He began in the early 2003 Butterbeans records show that he has won 77 out of 91 boxing matches during his career as a fighter and about 58 of those fights were ended by knockouts. In all Butterbean has won more than 100 fights under the categories of kickboxing, boxing, and MMA. Butter Beans massive gives him the ability to absorb more punches and also give a mean powerful punch.He was born in Atlanta, Georgia and had a difficult childhood when growing up. His mother had died when he was eight years old and had been bullied constantly because of his overweight. When he was in college he had been decking floors and produced homes at the Southern Energy Homes plants in Addison, Alabama. His friends had dared him into joining a contest at a local Toughman Contest. He went on to win the tournament and begin his career in fight sports.He received the nickname “Butterbean” when he was forced to go on a diet consisting mostly of chicken and butterbean.Butterbean’s career had taken off after being noticed as the heavy fighter. He says that “It took off pretty quick, my second pro fight was on national TV—it doesn’t happen like that, normally you get 15, 20 fights and then you get a TV fight unless you’re very fortunate. Tyson, his second pro fight wasn’t on TV. He probably had five or six, seven fights before he got on TV. I, my second pro fight was televised, it was on a Jed Hearns undercard. Then a couple more fights and I’m on TV again, and every fight since then was televised. It just doesn’t happen like that. I’ve probably had more televised fights than any world champion out there.” He was also in some movies and shows like Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, Chairman of the Board, Big Law: Deputy Butterbean, Pride FC: Pride 32: The Real Deal, Pride FC: Pride 34: Kamikaze. You could also see him a video game where he has represented a character wearing the American flag.Being one of the heaviest weight people in boxing didn’t stop Butterbean to shows us that just because of his weight was not an excuse for everyone to think that someone that fat could ever be a good fighter. Butterbean was one of the most outstanding people, in my opinion, to show the world what he’s made of.