Steve Rebbot Award twice, which includes the Overseas

Steve McCurry was born on April 23, 1950 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

McCurry is an American photographer w ho has worked in photojournalism and editorial.
He is best known for his 1984 photograph “Afghan Girl”, which originally appeared in
National Geographic magazine. McCurry is currently still alive and well. He studied film
at Pennsylvania State University, where he got to travel the world, including making his
way across the subcontinent, discovering new places with his camera. One of McCurry’s
famous quotes states, “What is important to my work is the individual picture. I
photograph stories on assignment, and of course they have to be put together coherently.
But what matters is that each picture stands on its own, with its own place and feeling.”
He worked for a newspaper for two years before moving to India to freelance. McCurry’s
career launched when he crossed the Pakistan border in to rebel-controlled Afghanistan,
which was right before the Russian invasion. His film from this trip, won a Robert Capa
Gold Medal for Best Photographic Reporting film Abroad. This was an award dedicated
o photographers exhibiting exceptional courage and enterprise. He has been awarded
multiple awards, including Magazine Photographer of the Year, which he won an
unprecedented four first prizes in the World Press Photo contest. He has even won the
Olivier Rebbot Award twice, which includes the Overseas Press Club of America. It is

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given for the best photographic reporting from abroad in magazines or books. McCurry
specifically focus his photos on international and civil conflict. He covered the Iran-Iraq
war, the Gulf wars and several conflicts in Afghanistan, as well as Beirut, Lebanon,
Cambodia and the Philippines. The topics include human consequences of war not limited
to the landscape aspect, but also human face. His best known photographs are vibrant
colors that show small moments of daily life with its struggles and joy. A high point in
McCurry’s career was the rediscovery of the previously unidentified Afghan refugee girl
that many have described as the most recognizable photograph in the world today. The
first photo below is known as “Afghan Mona Lisa”. 


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