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The significance of Vasanta Panchami in the words of GurujiVasanta
Panchami is known to be the birth day of Goddess Saraswati which falls
on suddha panchami (5th day of the bright fortnight of the lunar month
Magha) Vasanta means the moment of happiness (the birth of Goddess
Saraswati is the happiest moment) hence it is known as Vasanta Panchami.
In some parts of India it is also known as Sri Panchami.Rigveda
describes Saraswati as the daughter of Lord Shiva and Durga devi.
Saraswati is known to be the flow of water rather we can call it as
ocean. Now a question might arise why it is called as flow of
water “Saras or Bhasha is nothing but the words which are supposed to
flow like water when we speak” and “Wati means the person who lives in
such kind of water forever”, who gives us the complete knowledge, the
word “Bha in itself consists the meaning Gyana”, “Sa refers to the
person who commands,” It is believed Goddess Saraswati endows human
beings with the power of speech, wisdom and learning. She has four hands
representing four aspects of human personality in learning: mind,
intellect, alertness. She has sacred scriptures in one hand and a lotus
in the other, which symbolizes true knowledge.She plays Veena with other
two hands which symbolizes the need of Sangeeta and Saahitya gyana in
one’s life, “Sangithamapi sahityam Sarvathya netra dwayamEakam apatha madhukam anyath alochanamrutham” She
is draped in white sari, which symbolizes purity and rides on a white
swan which represents Sattwa Guna and seated on Lotus personifying the
true knowledge. Saraswati is also given prominence and revered in both
Buddhism and Jainism.sahithya sangitha kala viheenaha saakshaat pashuhu  brucha vishanahinahaTrunam nakadhana napi jenamaha thath bhagha deyam paramam pashunaamThe
person who does not have the knowledge of sangeeta and sahitya are
known as animals who does not eat grass, such kind of persons are not
even eligible to take birth as animal.Now coming back to words
of ocean, here the Goddess says learn good language which is pure in
nature that is Sanskrit and praise me I will show you the path to moksha
(Salvation). The learned and knowledgeable attach greater importance to
the worship of goddess Saraswati. They believe Brahmagyana is nothing
but the knowledge about Goddess.Matacheta devathalu manana chesi varanbulithuruAtala cheta bharya manana chesi sukambunithuruMatala cheta bhupatulu manana chesi purammulithuruMata nervakuna avamana mana bhangamul.Here
the poet says if learn and speak good words we can get anything and
everything that we desire, but if we do not speak properly all we get is
a disgrace.That is why our ancestors say “Muke Muke Saraswati”Children
are taught their first words on this day as an auspicious beginning to
learning, the child who gets Aksharabhyasam done on this day will become
great scholars and well versed person in life. Guruji concludes sayingJanmana jayathe sudrahaKarmana jayathe KriyahaVedapathena viprahagyanthBhrama gyananena Brahmanaha.SADH GURU
“Gu”  shabdha swandakarasya  ‘Dru’ shabdha stanani vartakaha;
Andhakaara niraasitvadrugu rityabhidhiiyatee
‘Gu’  maya  ‘Ru’ person who leads a way out of darkness, is none other than GURU.
GuruBramha: GuruVishnu: Gurudevo Maheshswaraha
Gurushakshaat parabrahma tasmai sree Guravenamaha
Thy brahma vishnu Maheswara whom we refer as Trimurthy have taken the form of Guru, thus bow my self  in front of such Guru.
When we learn stotras mantras and attain upasana along with inner significance,with compassion of  Guru it would be more easier to acquire knowledge. Every learned person cannot be Guru,vedic knowledge, bramhanista, peace who does not differentiate
between mine, yours, happy, unhappiness with unconditional love and
affection towards his disciple only such person can be called sadhguru.
Durgabhovishayaagoo,durlabham tatva darshanam
durlabhaa sahajaavastha,sadhgurooho karunaavina:
It is not possible to overcome worldly desire and to attain tatva jyana with out Guru’s consent .
Na sukham veeda shastreshu,na sukham mantrayantrake
Guroo ho prasadaa dhanyatra sukham naasti   mahitala.
Happiness alone cannot be gained with veeda, shashtra, mantra jyana, ultimate peace of mind (brahmaanandamu) will be possible through Guru’s teachings. To be more precise inevitable knowledge  can be acquired with Guruji’s concert.
By performing
meditation, chanting mantras, learning shashtras can be understood
properly only by the guidance of learned and experienced person which
might result in gaining path quickly, presence of Guru in life would
purify our  souls to create an awareness of positive and negative energy  present
with in us and surroundings to identify these energies we should have
complete trust on each other when we attain such a state our mind would
be completely at peace then the spiritual path would be an easy task.
SadhGuru would always
be ready to help us from various aspects it is upto the disciple to
reach a stage where in guru will always be with him to shower his
blessings. Again people think that gaining the grace of Guru means
getting rid of the worldly problems alone which is very wrong the real
meaning of Guruji’s blessings would be to identify the existence of God (positive sense)  help shishya to realize it,to move on the spiritual path( Guru who identifies positive energy will be there to destroy  negative energy present within).  Guru would use his strenght to destroy negative energy which comes in a way  that
would help shishya to reach his goal in a simple way to be precise he
would stand in between you and your problems that are supposed to come
in a long way to distract you from your goal, he would make the path as
piece of cake.
“Matru devo bhava:” , “Pitru devo bhava:” “Achaarya devo bhava:” 
The well noted phrase says person who gives us birth the mother is equalent to God ,
The person who looks after our needs father is equalent to God
The person who guides us through the darkness towards the light  Guru
is also considered to be God, the three persons who play an important
role in our life are one and same with out giving respect to these
persons and praying to Thy Lord  is like absurdity.
Sri Mehar baba has classified spiritual Gurus into eight different categories they are
1. Bhodha guru :-  person who teaches shashtras, encourages pupil to lead an disciplined life.
2. Veda guru :- who teaches vedas along with the inner meaning ,helps his pupil to lead an spiritual life.
3. Nishida guru :- The person who teaches his pupil only about the worldly life(worldly desire)
4. Kaamya guru :- Helps his pupil to understand the difference between good and bad to attain eternal happiness.
5. Vaachaka guru :- Who makes his shishya understand the reality of life which is in the form of yoga.
6 . Suuchaka guru :- He teaches how to hold on to your destination in an disciplined way.
7. Vihitha guru :- He
who clears all the doubts regarding the spiritual life and helps his
pupil gain will power to walk of nonmaterialistic world
8. Kaarana guru :- Helps to understand the connection between the Brahmam and human.
“Avashyamanubhoktyavya kruthamkarma shubhaashubha”, according to this statement the good and  bad deeds,happy unhappy movements are supposed to be lived up, these in other words are known as Aagame, sanchita, prarabdha,  Sadhguru has the potentiality to help his pupil to over come these karmas.
The person who is longing to walk 0n    spiritual
path and still cannot identify his own flaws is known to be adhama,who
can identify his flaws that is the first step ,by knowing his flaws and
faults but still cannot overcome them and keep blaming himself about it
is the step two. Who pinpoints his own untruth ,and get ready to
sacrifice his self-respect and his own identity to get ride of his flaws
and faults in spite of any kind disrespect in the society would be the
third step in path of truth.
In this process the pupil have to realize that its not possible to overcome every thing by himself, he should be under guidance of God who would come to him in  form of Guru.
the mortal takes his first step towards the journey of self realizing
there would be lot of distractions which would constantly bother, Pride
of a person comes in between, positive sense or the awareness of God
when supported, egoism comes down which is every essential to over come
passion and cupidity of the worldly outbreak.
At the same time disciple does not know what exactly is needed for his divine passage all he longs is for his passion, but when God present with in himself does not fulfill his desire he starts criticizing  Almighty,
at the end he concludes that the existence of the God is just an
illusion, at this outset Guru comes to his rescue to restore his self confidence makes him aware of his own inner light.
Karma of previous birth plays an important role in  present situation, prarabtha karma (present actions) result will be shown in future,  in a way we are carrying the load of our good and bad deeds ourselves,  this is true.
“Deepa  dhvipavath”,  the expression says we lite the lamp with  help of  another lamp , the awareness of the inner light is possible  only through Guru, he helps us to understand  positive nature of our inner strength at the same time he stands in
between the good and bad feelings of his pupil helps to over come the
negative nature with his power by which the pupil will have his inner
strength lightened.
a person becomes greedy about paramardhika dharma,there would appear a
person who would be enlightened enough to guide by accepting him as his
disciple, provided the disciple should possess same qualities as the
Guru stands for.

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