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The clear point of view and exact knowledge of the aim are the strength of this poem. Time is the only thing in this world which never stops for anyone. So it is necessary to make good use of it. Writer is advising everyone that one should make their schedule after planning. While planning it is necessary to provide time equally for both passion and work.

This poem is encouraging one for those who are tightly packed in the game of time. Waking up in the morning then going for the work, coming back to home and after that having a calm sleep. Is this good or fruitful life? No, it’s not. The person who is full of art in mind and working in another field for money or whatever reason, then he/she is surely living a life according to time. Where is time for hobby or creativity? Time will not come automatically, one should have to search it and make a good use of it. This is all about this poem, simply inspiring busy people to turn towards their artistic mind.

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Creativity is the only creative thing made by God. Respecting the artist inside body is just like approaching God. The writer has written this poem far year ago but it is accurately applicable to this world and people in this world. A clear midnight by Walt Whitman reveals the secrets to live life with artistic mind.


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