Writer will rise the seeds of humanity

Writer suggests saying “thank you” is not a big deal to do. This simply takes few seconds to say it but the person who receives it gets a real sympathy towards the work that he/she has done. Real appreciation doesn’t mean only admiring but it also means to show importance of the work by saying thank you.

The world has become so much selfish and everybody has started thinking about themselves only. Therefore writer cleverly says that the blood has become colorless and world is facing a disease of greediness.

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Love towards dear ones and hate for a stranger is the real formula this world is using these days, and thus writer said that hate eaten world. There is no space remained for humanity. Then what this world is carrying? Why everybody is living? Yes, it’s important to live happy but it’s more important to make other people happy.

Showing sympathy and offering thank you can surely make anyone happy and next time the person will work harder to gain this sympathy again. This will rise the seeds of humanity to grow more and world will receive calmness in return.

Everyone tries to look different and to act different, but more important task is to be unique. It is very difficult to act like a human and work for humanity. No one can behave like themselves as everyone has put a fake face behind a real face. Then what is beautiful in this?

Writer wisely says that when to strange people who have different thoughts start behaving good to each other then this moment is beautiful. Trust is the only thing which can increase this behavior in everyone. Life is so stressful and situations are very hard to guess, sometimes life looks easy in joy and sometimes it looks hard in sorrow.

For this situation writer says that two different people should behave good in each others joy and sorrow. Just to act simple, help others and live for humanity is a big salute for the life.


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